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Brushing and flossing are the best ways to help prevent cavities, but it’s not always easy to clean every nook and cranny of your teeth – especially those back teeth you use to chew (called molars). Molars are rough, uneven...

Sedation Services

Nitrous Oxide Oral Sedation IV Sedation Dental sedation is commonly administered for the treatment of anxious children. It is one of the hallmarks of training for pediatric dentists. It is estimated that between 10% and 20% of children and special...


Braces & Invisalign   Orthodontic treatments that use either braces or Invisalign are just few of the many techniques used by dental professionals in straightening the teeth of their patients. They straighten teeth to give them an ideal position, improve their...

Preventative Services

Comprehensive Exam, Pediatric Care, Sealants, Radiographic Examinations What is a Comprehensive Exam? It is a thorough evaluation of your oral health & sets the foundation for future dental exam. ​ During this exam, the doctor will perform pre-clinical, extraoral and intraoral exams. They...

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap — these two or more anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth — and...

Dental Crowns

If a substantial portion of your tooth needs filling, a better solution is usually the crown because fillings do not give you the same kind of protection as crowns do. Also, if the filling is extremely large, it can cause the tooth to break, making it irreparable....

Dental Fillings

You need a filling when tooth decay has caused a hole (cavity) to form on a toothsurface. If you don’t get a filling, the cavity will get worse. It may cause pain and then an abscess . This may lead to more severe problems, such as bone loss....

Dental Implants

Single Unit Implant Immediate Implant Multiple Unit Implant Did you know that dental implants are the next best thing to your natural healthy teeth? Over the last 23 years there have been significant improvements in the field of dental implants....

Gum Disease Treatment

Connective Tissue Graft, Free Gingival Graft, Guided Tissue Regeneration, Treatment of Periodontal Disease, Periodontal Stabilization Splint, Periodontal Maintenance, Scaling and Root Planing

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening with ZOOM!, Whiten Teeth with Whitening Trays or Custom Trays, Chair Side Veneers, Veneers, Home Whitening Kits …  Get Free Teeth Whitening!   Considering teeth whitening? Read about bleaching risks, benefits, product types, maintenance and the costs to determine if...

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The quality of your smile can affect your work life, social life, and romantic life. Research shows that people who smile more often are regarded by others as more positive and competent, and long-term studies suggest that those of us who smile more often are more positive and happy in life.[1] Improving your smile can open doors to new opportunities, and make you feel happier and more fulfilled in your life.

Consult us about possible dental work. If you are really uncomfortable with your teeth, consider getting dental work. There are lots of different treatment options to deal with different concerns. If your teeth are crooked or you have a misaligned bite, braces or clear aligners can help correct this. If you don’t like the shape of your teeth, you can consider having your natural teeth contoured. If you have chipped or damaged teeth, you may want to ask about veneers, which are thin layers of porcelain that bond to your existing teeth. If you are missing teeth, you might consider getting tooth implants, dentures or bridges. If you have excess gum tissue, you can undergo a surgical procedure called crown lengthening, which will expose more of your teeth.




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